All Purpose Spiced Citrus Cleaner

A few times per month I try a new recipe to replace something I purchase from the store. Like food, I want to know what is in my cleaning, medicinal and beauty products. About six weeks ago I decided to try the all purpose citrus peel cleaner. Knowing this wouldn't be ready until mid October I thought I'd try spicing it up a bit after I read this post at The Yummy Life (please visit this link to find additional information and beautiful photographs, I'm a huge fan of Monica's blog!)

We make orange juice about two to three times per month. We are not big on fruit juice but I do keep it around as it's the only way Bella (nickname for my 8 year old) will take her liquid iron. She absolutely loves creating in the kitchen and especially loves juicing, so this is one of her favorite things to make.

After the oranges are juiced I removed the pulp and pith from the peels. Then added them to a half gallon mason jar with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. Covered the peels with distilled white vinegar. Then let this sit for six weeks, shaking the jar daily. (It helps to count out six weeks from the day you make it and label the jar with the bottle by date). 

After 6 weeks I strained the vinegar and added it to a spray bottle for a full strength cleaner. I can also take some of this concentrate, dilute it with water, and use it as an all purpose cleaner for lighter jobs or more sensitive surfaces.  It's best to store cleaning products in glass bottles fitted with a sprayer but I have yet to get any of those so since I had the plastic one on hand I used it. 

Another favorite use for citrus and half gallon mason jars - Vitamin Water. My personal favorite is lemon, cucumber and mint. You can make vitamin water flavored with any fruits, herbs and veggies you prefer, the choices are limited only to your creativity! 

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