Raw Milk Ricotta Cheese

We love ricotta cheese. From pizza, Italian cookies, lasagna and bruschetta home made just can't be beat. I searched the Internet for a version that started from milk, not whey and found this amazing recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It is to die for. It is by far the best ricotta cheese I have ever tasted. Of course rich, raw grass fed milk and cream does make the different. I squeeze fresh lemon juice for this as well, I believe it makes a difference over the bottled version. Leftover whey can be used on plants that require a little acid, added to smoothies for straight protein, fed to chickens (if you or a friend keeps them) or added to the compost pile.

The trick to this cheese is letting it sit. Don't rush it. I allow mine to rest and drain for one hour, that is the consistency my family prefers. Since I have not changed this recipe one smidgen, I'm directing you HERE for the recipe. It's the best, trust me.

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