Tis the season

It has been a wonderful first day off! My daughter and I watched two classics: Holiday Inn and White Christmas, now listening to carols and wrapping gifts for two sweet girls we "adopted" through Against the Grain. They added an amazing project this year and I hope it continues in 2012! Volunteers can adopt a family and purchase a gift for each child that is to be from their parent currently in jail or rehab. I spoke with the girls father today and it was a wonderful conversation. It's his ex wife but he is being an amazing daddy by encouraging his girls to have a relationship with their mother and help them heal through this process. We will meet just him this afternoon to deliver the gifts. Although I'd love to meet the children, and their father is open to it, I thought it best we did not. In this way he will be able to simply explain their mother made arrangements for gifts. Besides, taking credit isn't what this is about. Or what any donation should be about. It's an avenue to give back by helping someone in desperate need convey to their children that they love them no matter the circumstance. So though my little girl will be disappointed she won't get to meet the recipients of the glow in the dark soccer ball and Nurse Barbie, one day she will understand this lesson I'm trying to teach her.

Thank you Rob and Meredith for blessing my family with the opportunity to participate. I cannot think of anything else I'd rather be doing today. I look forward to meeting this sweet man and pray for his two girls and their mother. They have a long road ahead of them.

To learn more about Against the Grain, their mission and how you can become involved please visit them HERE

~ Deana

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