Thank you and an update!

Welcome 2012! I am so happy to have the past year behind me! As wonderful as it was it sure ended with a not so pretty bang! Christmas morning, in all its perfect timing, my gallbladder decided to get sick and land me in the hospital for five days. Thankfully I was able to ring in the new year at home but it was not a fun week! However I am so thankful, and grateful, for all the well wishes, prayers, flowers, cards and meals! The support shown to me by my family, friends and customers was overwhelming and meant so much!

Although not out of the woods, I have about another 2 weeks at least before I can get back in the kitchen. Some of my chocolate containers weigh 25+ pounds and that is more than I am allowed to lift at the moment. So I decided to get back to blogging and I have a lot to say! First of all a little housekeeping!

The "name that whoopie" contest from the fall! The name submissions are great but just not what we are looking for. So for the time being we've decided to keep the flavors but not add them to our original 18. We will continue to make those flavors but feel the menu is just the right size for now. But I appreciate the effort taken and the lovely ladies who submitted responses will receive a FREE half dozen mini whoopie pies with their next order! I have your names ladies and you have all of 2012 to redeem that offer!

The second item on my list. Social Media. If you use Facebook please "like" our page to stay current with where we are selling, flavors of the week and event updates. There will be an open house in Spring Hill, TN Saturday January 28th in which I will be providing dessert samples. I rarely do this type of tasting so keep in touch for more details! If you use twitter follow us at @pinksugarbowl. I'll continue to use google+ as the year goes along but it is not updated frequently at this time.

Blogging. I'm getting back to it. And for awhile a lot of my posts will have to do with an 8 week Real Food series I have started this week. My good friend Jessie Hawkins over at Vintage Remedies has a great FREE email program going on right now! Sign up this week to get in on it! I already eat a real food diet but due to my recent gallbladder surgery I need to revamp in a more committed way. So as I go through her series I will be blogging about it and how I am using it in my life. I have given away a book of hers before in a previous contest and plan to give away a few more of her books during this blog series. Although I love chocolate, and love to bake, I am extremely passionate about real whole food! So I'll be talking about my journey as well as some recipes and tips along the way.

Few more posts coming after this one. First up the Whole Foods Pantry contest! Then our deal for 2012! You don't want to miss this!

~ Deana

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