Original Whoopie Pops™

The time is here! The new whoopie has launched and we've already sold our first corporate order for Original Whoopie Pops™ YAY!

It's been a labor of love for several months and now you too can try it! Inspiration? The BUCKEYE candy of course!

My favorite whoopie pie (well other than the Tiramisu) is the Peanut Butter. My favorite candy is the Buckeye. I have wanted to cover the entire peanut butter whoopie in chocolate for a long time but couldn't do it without it being messy. One positive to a whoopie pie is that it is practically mess free! So my husband suggested I put it on a stick. Just like a cake pop but mine is a two layer piece of cake!

We tested it, loved it and then decided to add a few other flavors to the lineup. Currently there are five but we can accommodate special requests.

There is a love theme going here, thanks in part to my mom and sister who named them! We began with "Marry Me" as it's our new vanilla whoopie pie (available in round or heart shaped for weddings and bridal showers). We knew it would also be the name of the White Chocolate Covered vanilla Original Whoopie Pops™, and so the brand was born.

I can't wait for you all to try them! Please keep us in mind for gifts, parties and any special event. They are available as is, chocolate dipped but I'll soon be adding an experienced cake decorator to my team for those of you who would like more detail and design! So that WILL be an option!

As I said this has been a labor of love and I didn't do it alone. I'd like to thank some very special people who have helped in this process! My husband, daughter, sister, mother and best friend! Thank you all for taste testing,  your unconditional love, support and advice! Willow Management for their time, belief in the product and amazing web design! A Thousand Words Photography for the fabulous photos and keeping them clean and simple for me! And Jefferson A. Wallace for his patience, advice and making this a reality!

And thank YOU my customers! What has been a hobby for so many years is starting to turn into a dream come true because of your continued support. I am truly grateful.



  1. congrats I am gathering this is the secret?? :)

  2. deana....i am so proud of you! you have been so patient as you have taken each step with love and you have a built a name for yourself over time...which i believe, will lead to much success! dreams don't happen overnight....they take a diligence that i have always seen and love about you! others have fallen in love what you have offered and see and taste the true talent of what you offer and always come back for me! i am so excited what all of this means for you and all the opportunity that has come your way...this is only the beginning of a very "sweet" adventure! so thankful that i have witnessed all of it unfold! i love you friend...and i am so very proud and inspired by you!