The Incredible EGG

I was raised on eggs. I am the oldest of five children and we had them hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up and made into salad. They were easy to come by and inexpensive. I was also fortunate to learn at a young age the benefit of fresh local eggs and their nutrition. I have never doubted the benefits of consuming eggs and never succumbed to the crazy media's paranoia over disease, cholesterol and fat content. People just need to be educated on how to purchase, store and handle eggs. If you follow the rules you won't get hurt!

With the new claims of eggs helping weight loss, Vitamin D deficiency, etc I thought I'd post a little about eggs here and include a few links to articles you may find interesting.

If you think about it, a single egg contains everything needed to nourish a baby chicken into development. Carbs, proteins, fat and nutrients. When hard boiled it contains only 68 calories and almost 5.5 grams of protein! Two of these gems per day will aide in weight loss, give you more energy, support brain and nervous system function and may increase blood lipids. More information on the actual nutrition is located HERE

Just a few facts to share with additional links:
  • It is second to a mother's milk in nutrition for human consumption
  • To test freshness place eggs in cool water. Fresh eggs will not float. The higher it floats the less fresh it is.
  • Discard if it has an unusual odor or blood spots.
  • Raw, farm fresh eggs can be stored at room temp for at least 4 weeks. As long as the outer coating has not been washed off and the eggs have never been refrigerated. Once chilled they need to stay that way.
  • When choosing farm or store bought eggs check for cracks. You can also gently shake to check freshness. Fresh eggs do not have much of a sound, less fresh it is the more it will "slosh" around inside the shell.
  • If you are concerned with consuming raw eggs wash the shell and dry before cracking to prevent any contamination from the outer shell getting to the yolk and white.
There is much more I could say about eggs but I'll leave it to the experts. Below are three links to my favorite articles on eggs. I hope you learn something new today!

What are the best type of eggs, Why you don't want to buy Organic Eggs at the Grocery Store and Dr. Axe - What you need to know about the eggs you eat

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