Chocolate Banana Nut Protein Smoothie

In the past year I have experimented with more gluten free cooking and eating and I love it! I do not have an allergy to gluten nor a real gluten intolerance, but I do have PCOS and decided one way to go lower carb would be to cut as much gluten as I could. It's actually a natural thing to do when you incorporate more local fruits, veggies and meats into your diet. Although I love a good homemade pasta I have eaten it only a handful of times in the past 10 months. Something I never thought would happen to this Italian loving girl!

In my search of good, full fat, whole food eating I came across Chef Shane Kelly and Dr. Josh Axe. Both located in Nashville and both have amazing recipes that are now compiled into recently published books. You can find them here Chef Shane Kelly and Dr. Josh Axe

One thing I have found about Dr. Axe's book is that some things need altered just a bit to improve texture or appearance in those things that are baked. Everything else is just fine. At first my sister and I would try recipes his way, but then find a way to tweak it and so it's those tweaked versions that I'll be sharing with you. However I highly encourage you to purchase his book TODAY! I promise you his recipes are not only healthy and rich with flavor but they will make you FEEL good, full and satisfied.

This smoothie is only one of a few in his book. But since it has cocoa in it of course it's my favorite. Funny how most people must think I like sweets because I am a baker. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Those closest to me know that I actually do not eat sweets at all. Unless it's chocolate of course. But to me that's just an essential food group! I do not like sweet tea, sweetened juices or drinks of any kind. I do not like most desserts, hard candy and even mints can be a challenge. I do love chocolate desserts but that's the extent of it. Oh and dark chocolate at that. Our white chocolate popcorn is one of our biggest sellers but that I do not even like. Funny huh?!

So back to the smoothie. It's a great on the go meal (think Slim Fast) but it's a whole food smoothie minus all the junk and soy in the traditional meal drink. One way I add extra protein is with one raw egg (cage free, local, organic). You could add a scoop or two of Organic Hemp protein if the idea of eating a raw egg scares you. This is actually the ONLY way I will eat a raw egg. Another thing about me is I detest raw dough of any kind! But yes I will drink a raw egg!

So why eggs and why raw? I'll be adding an entirely seperate post on this subject.

Again this is my version of Dr. Axe's recipe. I eliminated the Stevia (as previously mentioned I do not like sweet things so I find the banana makes it sweet enough, I add a raw egg and use less ice because my bananas are frozen).

1 cup almond milk
1/3 cup almond butter
1 banana, frozen (I purchase these in bulk, ripen, peel, cut in half or chunks, freeze. Use as needed!)
2 Tbsp unsweetened dark cocoa powder
1/2 cup ice
1 raw organic, cage free, local egg

Place all but egg in blender and blend til about smooth. Add egg and blend another 30 - 45 seconds. Serve immediately.

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  1. You could swap the almond butter with another nut butter for a really interesting twist. Like pistachio! Or hazelnuts (then it would be like a nutella smoothie but not as sweet!)