Buttercup and week 5 update

Yesterday was a great day at market. Not only did we completely sell out of Whoopie Pies in the first 15 minutes but we completely sold out of everything, including our new Gluten Free Cookie. It was a beautiful, warm summer day and the breeze under the pavilion was glorious! The market welcomed back Buttercup the Cow and the amazing artist Tom Tjornehoj. Thank you all for your support!

Grocery for this week. Went a little lighter on some veggies so we could try new. Roma tomatoes will be canned for our fall Mexican Chili. Also picked up some fabulous Sourdough Bread from Lucy's Kitchen, mini quiche/chocolate muffins from Norton Family, scrumptious blueberries from Blue Honey Farms and fabulous herbs from Legacy Tea (you can find them HERE )

My husband has felt a little beef deprived so we stocked up with grass fed meat from Triple L Ranch

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