Breakfast - Local, Fresh, Delicious!

From our week 4 grocery shopping trip we made many wonderful meals but between work, baking and caring for my family I don't get to blog or photograph everything we do day to day. I've tried to leave a camera in the kitchen now so it's handy enough to take a few snapshots. Here are a few from a breakfast we made one morning. All ingredients fresh from the Farmer's market. Even the strawberry jam was made by us earlier this summer with strawberries from Kelley's Berry Farm. After dicing the veggies we added them to a hot pan that had 2 TLBS extra virgin coconut oil in it. Scraps are in the compost bowl and when plated we added some fresh Georgia peaches also from market.

The milk glass? It's a recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottle. With the exception of very little plastic, we use all glass in our home (dishes, storage containers, drinking glasses, etc) and once I collected these bottles I decided they would make great glasses for my four year old and her friends. I wanted her to use glass more often but didn't want to chance the breakage. So instead of throwing away or recycling the bottles I removed the labels and glue, washed then sanitized and they were ready to use. She loves them!