A little of this and a little of that...

We had a great day at market last Saturday! Thank you for your support! We raised a little money via the raffle for Project61 and that money will be used to purchase a few last minute items they may need for the June mission trip. Congratulations to our winners! I have never seen a couple so excited to win something. I hope you all enjoyed it! Seems the "big whoopie" was quite a hit! It was my first time making it and because I did not measure out the batter it ended up being about 12" wide and not so pretty! Another test run is in the near future and once the size is perfected we'll add it to our menu. The 9" Whoopie Pie makes a fun cake for any occasion, available in all current flavors and can even be covered with fondant for a dressier event! Starting at $35. Place an order at pinksugarbowl@gmail.com

Farmapalooza is a fun event every year and just when I think they can't do any better they do! We have the best market manager and a great board and volunteers that make every weekend special! The music was great, more daily vendors, free face painting and the ever popular "poop pots". My little one planted hers today!

So many good things came from market day but I have to admit we all agree the highlight was the youngest member of the Vanderzon family buying a Whoopie Pie from us. To have anyone from the Amish or Mennonite community try one of our pies is the highest culinary honor we can think of!

Kaylen created a new cookie recipe last Friday afternoon and we took them to market. Named the 'Lemon Drop Cookie' it was a hit and we sold out! If you missed this new treat come by our booth this Saturday, we'll have plenty of samples on hand.

This week kicks off our Market Grocery Challenge. I proposed an idea about a week ago and everyone was on board so last Saturday I took our weekly grocery allowance and purchased all I could at market. Photos and description to come in a later post this week (hopefully tomorrow evening!).

Thank you again for your support!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait for your Market Grocery Challenge pictures to see what all you got! I also stopped by to let you know I'm hosting a giveaway for cake decorating stuff in case you're interested. :) http://cakedarla.blogspot.com/2010/06/whos-up-for-giveaway.html