Opening Day and the May 1, 2010 Flood

Is thankful for a safe & successful day at the Franklin, TN Farmers Market yesterday. I'm amazed at the amount of patrons that showed up in the monsoon! Traffic was steady the entire day. I had a blast! Enjoyed meeting new people & introducing them to Whoopie Pies & our fiber loaded Pumpkin Cookies. Looking forward to seeing those of you unable to come another time!

However the rain continued all day Saturday, into Sunday afternoon and expected to bring another round in just a few hours. Praying for those affected by the flooding & loss of life. Please keep all TN residents in your prayers as we recover from this disaster. One thing I love about my state is that we will all pull together & help others. Praying especially for our Farmers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes & the homeless. Loss of material things is devestating but not so much as loss of life.

I'll update the blog with another entry on our fabulous market after we get through this flood. In the meantime I've added a few pictures of goodies from yesterday's market. Not pictured is Ace's Kettle Corn. Sent us home with a free bag of corn, it's THE BEST!

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