Market Day May 15th 2010

We are finishing up in the kitchen and thrilled that it will be an early night! Turning in by 1 am the night before Market Day is a welcome change!

Fresh from the oven...

Almond Sugar Cookies - Made with unbleached flour wheat flour, whole wheat flour, farm fresh eggs from Noble Springs Farm, organic cane sugar, mascarpone cheese, real almond extract, topped with our signature pink sugar sprinkles.
Breakfast Pumpkin Cookies - This cookie was created by altering my grandmother's yummy pumpkin cookie recipe. I needed a yummy treat that was full of nutrition, fiber and no preservatives for my young toddler. I needed it to taste good too! By exchanging standard ingredients with healthier options and incorporating local ingredients I came up with a soft cookie that works well for breakfast on the go or an anytime stack. A few pumpkin puree, organic cane sugar, whole wheat flour, unbleached white flour, local fresh eggs, milled flax seed, unsweetened applesauce, real butter and oats.

Lemon Whoopie Pies - These are light and not too sweet! Just the right amount of zing we've been told. Made with local fresh eggs, local buttermilk and organic California lemons these have quickly become a new favorite!

Additionally Chocolate, Pumpkin and Strawberry Whoopie Pies!

Two new recipes coming next week. Working on another family favorite, Apple Cookies, and a new Macadamia Coconut Whoopie Pie. A taste of Aloha here in the Mid state!

For an in depth list of ingredients please enter "Ingredients" in the search box.
We will update this post every time a new item is added to the menu.

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