Easy Skin Care

For several reasons including but not limited to toxins, health and economic, many more people are jumping on the DIY bandwagon these days when it comes to their well being. Homemade beauty products have been around for thousands of years, and while products and regimen's have evolved, some simple basics remain tried and true even in today's 21st century techno world.

I have combination oily skin. Slightly dry on the cheeks and oily in the T zone area. For those of you who share my demise you can sympathize with me I'm sure. Trying to hydrate one area while working to keep others clean and clear can be a great challenge! While I've had my share of acne spots over the years I believe a good diet, free of as many hormones as possible, a lot of water, good dose of sunshine for Vitamin D, no smoking, limited alcohol and a good skin care regimen has kept my skin pretty darn healthy and so far wrinkle and age spot free. Over the years I've tried many things but for the past seven or eight I've stuck with some of the basics I want to share with you today.

There are so many factors when trying to achieve healthy skin, some completely out of our control. But if you remember one thing from this post it's to always remove any makeup you may wear. Fortunately I only wear makeup once a week, and sometimes not even that. But if and when I do I always remove it, never sleep in it. No matter how tired I think I am! And one more idea is to not over wash. On days I am home the entire day I may only wash my face with warm water, nothing else, and then swipe a bit of witch hazel all over and I'm done. It's finding that balance that's right for you but trust me...always remove dirt and makeup and if your skin is relatively clean skip the soap that night. Try it and see how it works for you.

Here is a photo of the products I use on a daily and weekly basis and a description below it. What you won't see? Sunscreen. On days we'll be out in the sun an extended amount of time we prefer THIS ONE by Dr. Mercola. But on a daily basis we skip the sunscreen. If you are curious why please take some time to research all sides of the sunscreen epidemic and decide for yourself what you think is best.

What natural product have you found you can't live without?

From left to right:
Jojoba oil - I use this most frequently but sometimes rotate with coconut oil

Cleansing Oil from Village Apothecary - it is fabulous and THE best cleaning oil I have ever used

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar - as a toner for breakouts, mixed with water for drinking (internal cleansing) and also used to mix with the Benzonite Clay for the best detox mask on the planet

Benzonite Clay - Weekly I measure 2 tsp clay and 2 tsp apple cider vinegar into a small glass dish. Mix well with a small spatula and apply to the face avoiding eyes and mouth. I let it dry until it cracks, then soften it with a bit of warm water. You can rub the clay around on your face to exfoliate it. Once all the mask is removed, pat dry with a clean towel. Swipe a lavender infused witch hazel cotton ball over the face. Once dry apply moisturizer of choice.

Witch Hazel - plain and lavender infused (I filled a quart jar half way with dried lavender. Covered the flowers with plain witch hazel. Covered and shook daily for six weeks. Strained it and re bottled in the original witch hazel container).

Eco Diva Body Oil - this is what I use most of the time now, but occasionally alternate with coconut oil. But by far the best body oil ever.

Larenim Mineral Roll Me Away Peel - a gentle resurfacing serum that really works!

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil - I buy this by the gallon for use in the kitchen and the bathroom. Next to it is a recycled jelly jar (red and white checkered lid). I keep one of these in each bathroom for use as a moisturizer and oil pulling. 

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