Instant Espresso Smoothie

Being short on our typical smoothie ingredients (nut butters, berries, kale, coconut milk, flax) I made this smoothie today. I'm not a coffee drinker but I do like an occasional espresso drink, think Starbucks cafe mocha. And after a few sleepless nights I needed a jump start to my morning routine (the kind only caffeine can give).

You can use anything you like for the liquid (coconut milk or coconut water would be just as good) and if you make your own almond milk even better. Just make sure if you purchase it pre-made like I do, find one without carrageenan (Silk Brand does not contain this and ironically most organic brands do, so read the label). 

We typically purchase the unsweetened brand of Silk but for some reason we had a regular one on hand. Pictured below are both options:

The ingredients are simple! 

1 frozen banana, sliced
8 ounces liquid of choice
2 heaping tsp instant espresso (this is to my preference, adjust as needed)
2 Tbls dark cocoa powder (or raw cacao).  (this is to my preference, adjust as needed)

Put all of the ingredients into a blender and process until silky smooth! 

Tip: When you see bananas on sale pick them up! Peel and freeze whole. 
I found a bag of 20 ripe organic bananas at our local Kroger store for $1! 


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