Use your kitchen as a classroom!

Growing up I was raised in the kitchen. As the oldest of five children I learned to help out at a young age. My mom cooked just about everything from scratch and in large quantities (10 pound bags of potatoes for one meal!). Looking back I'm amazed at how much I learned without even knowing it at the time!

Now that I'm grown and have a child of my own I realize how important those lessons were. And it's more than just learning how to bake and cook food. So many subjects can be covered using just one simple recipe (patience, following directions, geography, history, math, family tradition, ingredients and where they come from, etc.) So when I saw this curriculum post from Free Homeschool Deals I just had to pass it on!

This holiday season get the kids involved in everything from shopping (let them weigh produce, check items off the list, figure which size can is the better deal) to chopping veggies and measuring flour.

Don't fret over the mess, because there will be one. 
Let them learn hands on and create memories in the meantime!

Learning to crack eggs

Learning how to properly measure flour

Making a homemade pizza

And learning how to wash up afterwards :)

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  1. So important! We do the same thing around here. Always learning to be done in the kitchen :)