Best Window Cleaner

Today I was supposed to test a new Whoopie Pie recipe I created. Ran into one problem...I was missing an ingredient. So I had some extra time to deep clean my kitchen and reorganize a few things. Gallons of coconut oil and 100+ pounds of chocolate isn't so easy to store! During my cleaning extravaganza I ran out of my favorite window and glass cleaner. Most people use vinegar, but my mom taught me to use alcohol. Does a MUCH better job. I typically stick with Eco friendly products at home but for this recipe Dawn is a must! We do use castile soap here but for a Domestic kitchen sometimes you need something a little stronger. And at two drops I don't feel so bad about using Dawn to get the job done right, the first time. With some other recipes I find I use more product than is necessary, often times washing the same window or mirror two or three times. I don't classify waste as Eco friendly!

You'll need a 32 oz spray bottle, water (I prefer spring as our local water is hard and leaves deposits), Dawn and rubbing alcohol. Fill the bottle with water up to the top where the narrow neck just begins. Add two drops of Dawn dish detergent (I found the blue one in this photo works best). Then add rubbing alcohol in the "neck" of the bottle (from the bottom to the top of the neck). Gently swish it altogether and you're done!

Try this out and please let me know how it works for you!


  1. I just made a bottle of this and it is a fantastic glass cleaner! Thank you for posting this!

  2. I'm glad you tried it and it worked for you! It's my favorite cleaner as well!