Name that Whoopie CONTEST!!!

We have three new Whoopie Pie flavors to add to our lineup! However these three each need a name, and we need your help! Below are the flavor descriptions and contest rules! Have fun!

1. Dark Chocolate Stout cakes with a chocolate butter cream filling
2. Dark Chocolate with a vanilla and fresh raspberry filling
3. Blackberry Spice with a vanilla cream filling

***In keeping with tradition each one must have an actual name that represents the flavor.
Two examples -
The Frank Sinatra is the traditional chocolate whoopie because he (and the chocolate) is classic.
The Eddie George represents the Buckeye candy (peanut butter and chocolate), Eddie was a Buckeye and a Titan.

***Name suggestions must be clean in nature please.

***All are welcome to participate but the winners must pick up their prize.

***Each winner will receive a dozen mini or a half dozen regular Frank Sinatra Whoopie Pies, winners choice.

***Leave name suggestions and reason for association in the comment section of this post. Also note where you heard about the contest if it was another source other than Pink Sugar Bowl.

***Winners will be notified on this blog, Google+, Facebook and Twitter by November 10th, 2011. To stay informed follow us on all four!

Good luck!


  1. Audrey hepburn for the dark chocolate with vaniilla and fresh raspberry filling. Fits her well with her dark hair fair skin and sweet at heart.

    -kari :)

  2. For #1 Hank Williams Jr. (Country says it all)
    For #2 Count Dracula's Bite (The raspberry filling happens after the bite)
    For #3 Mary Poppins (A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!)

  3. for #1 hank williams a must
    #2 "mini Pearl" because the it's a mini and a pearl of a center.
    #3 Barbra Streisand because blackberries are tart and glamorous and so is she.

    Sherry johnson