The Real Food Journey with Chef Shane Kelly

I am honored to have Chef Shane Kelly as a guest blogger this week! I was invited by my friend Kristin Gentry with TNBuyLocal to a Talk & Taste with Chef Shane and since I received the invite I have been following her blog. Chef Shane is my real food hero and inspiration and I cannot wait to meet her in person this Sunday July 25th. Afterwards I'll share my experience with you. In the meantime here are some wise words from the "food preacher" herself! You can follow her blog HERE and purchase her brand new book HERE

First, let me say how very proud I am of Deana and her family for taking on the “real-food, locally-grown challenge!” It thrills me to no end when another family makes the choice to improve their family’s health no matter how challenging it might be at times, particularly in the beginning. As we all know, the whole concept that food should be cheap and convenient has gotten us into a truckload of trouble! Food is fuel but it is also love when we’re supporting our local farmers and taking the time to prepare delicious and good-for-us foods. I’m” in love” with all my local farmers because they work so hard on their own family’s behalf and mine to feed and nourish our community. As we know, farmers are not in this for the money because most don’t make near what they should when you consider the hours they invest. So, let’s get out there and support them!

The payoff is oh so rich when you eat real, nutrient-dense, locally grown and raised foods. You just feel better as Deana remarked in one of her posts and actually how “terrible” she felt when they went out of town and had to eat out quite a few times. Once you’ve cleaned out your “temple” and you really focus on feeding it real food you understand instantly why it needs to be a top priority in all of our lives. My focus is to teach people about what to do with all the local goodness, how to prepare and cook it with a strong focus on the ingredients used. I’ve just written a book to help with this very subject called, “Fourteen Days of Eating in a Real Food Way!” It’s a 2 week eating plan with shopping lists and recipes included. So if you’re ready for the “real food challenge” then check it out! I also have quite a few cooking videos on a show I hosted on called “Don’t Tell Mama” and Congratulations again Deana for making the leap to real food eating and let me hear from you all about the great changes you’re making to feed you and your family! And remember, “Just keep it real, honey!”

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