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Digestion Cleansing and Your Colon - I know this is information you NEVER expected to read on our blog. However since conducting the interview with Franklin Life I asked a few friends if they would be a guest blogger this week explaining what they do and how it ties into our market challenge.

Yesterday I introduced you to Chef Shane Kelly. She teaches why you should eat real food and how to prepare it. Not only is real food good for your overall health and weight management (or loss) but it can help heal your body. Through this journey I've learned a lot more about colonics and how it can help make real food eating an easier transition. When Sarah and I first discussed the benefits of colon hydrotherapy I was shocked at the things she told me. I knew some about it but thought it was mostly sought out by people who already understood the health benefits and wanted to detox. But it's not just the "health nuts" seeking her services. There are numerous amounts of people that suffer with colon and bowel issues that I have never experienced and was shocked to know existed!! So I am obligated to include this subject as it may be just what you need to get you on the right path! Below Sarah will explain what she does and why, and at the end of the post ties it into healthy and gluten free eating.

Sarah Moore specializes in digestion, nutrition and is a certified colon hydrotherapist. She works with clients on uncovering why they have digestion issues. Her goal is to help you get to the problem and work to get them corrected.

Sarah has been a promoter of colon hydrotherapy for over 4 years and believes it is a key in helping others achieve optimal health. Her practice is located inside Cool Springs Family Medicine, an integrative practice that works with heath and detoxification.

You can reach her by going online to www.SarahiMoore.com , an interactive site with a blog and information. You can also set up an appointment with her by calling 615-791-9784.

Colon hydrotherapy is the practice of using filtered warm water to irrigate the colon and remove waste that has been compacted to the colon walls. This is done through a closed-loop system, where there is no odor.

When your body does not eliminate waste it affects many aspects of your health. Along the walls of your colon could contain parasites, worms, accumulated mucus etc. This is affecting the way you function and your nutrient absorption. Along with leaking toxic poisons back into your bloodstream.
Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that is rejuvenating and refreshing and leaves clients feeling lighter after removing 2-4 pounds of fecal matter in one session.

So much money is spent by Americans on digestion aids, such as laxatives, fiber products, and purchasing of “cleansing kits” to correct a massive problem effecting Americans and that is CONSTIPATION. Those suffering are all around us, yet no one is talking about it and not even with their doctors, chiropractors, or close friends. Yes, I know talking about your bowel movements or poop, is “barn talk” as my dad would say, and is not for the kitchen table. Even though it is a little odd to openly talk about it needs to be discussed. Going once a week, or even once a day is not allowing your body to go through proper digestion and multiple problems begin to occur. Maybe now you do not have any symptoms, but they are manifesting behind the scenes. The goal is to being repairing the gut and make the proper changes so that problems do not happen.

Unfortunately I am seeing clients who are not going to the bathroom but once a week or even once a month. A very important part of digestion is elimination. Often times the symptoms of these clients are headaches, back pain, constipation, gas, sinus issues, depression, frequent cold and infections, skin conditions, low libido, fatigue, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully you are not looking at yourself and saying “Thats Me” but if you are there is hope and your body is amazing and wants to get better.

The area I work in is cleansing of the colon through irrigation of water. Why cleansing is so important is because we need to get the old out to make room for the colon to being to heal. It becomes very inflamed and irritated and needs to be repaired. Repair comes with cleansing, proper nutrition and proper supplementation. Proper nutrition and supplementation are often the toughest. We need to look into eating nutrient dense foods, like our leafy greens, and foods that fall into an alkaline PH as opposed to acidic foods such as our white sugars, white flours, and dairy. We want to watch our gluten intake if not eliminate it and be mindful of whether we are eating organic or not. When we begin to cleanse and make these proper changes we are putting our digestive system in a place to begin to absorb nutrients and have a place for healthy bacteria to flourish and the above symptoms will resolve.

So be mindful of what you are eating. Organic is best. You can eliminate gluten, dairy, preservatives, and processed foods, you are on a great start. If you can incorporate cleansing such as colon hydrotherapy the process of changing your diet will be much easier. Lastly find someone you trust to monitor your health. Someone that wants you to feel better, drug free and you will begin to heal your body and feel better.

The reason I love what Pink Sugar Bowl is doing, they are letting someone new to “healthy eating “ know that even by cutting out gluten and adding coconut oil you can have an amazingly tasting product. Their mission is heart felt and a great way to get healthy sweets into children and adults, and if a great path gets started with a “gluten free breakfast cookie” then it makes me excited!

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